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September, the first month of the new relationship between Taylor Workshop and IHG is now coming to a close.  This time the guys at Taylor Workshop were given the entire month of September to produce a fully constructed mid-level resolution prototype for IHG.  For the Workshop, this is generally considered a lengthy deadline compared to what the guys are accustomed to. A typical layout, depending on its size and depth of resolution, can be constructed in anywhere from a matter of hours to just under a week.  In this case however, the workshop was asked to take their level of foam board resolution to a level that not many prototyping companies ever make it to.

The IHG build actually involved two prototype room layouts – one king and one queen – for a Staybridge Suites location.  Both rooms are adorned with some interestingly modern and intellectual pieces that maximize space, utility, and bring a particularly “make yourself at home” feel to the travel-worn out-of-towner. Filling the room required T-Works to build several cabinetry pieces, couches, columns, door headers, overhangs, T.Vs with sconces, beds, headboards, various other necessary structures, and two entire bathrooms – all out of foam core board.  Of course, the walls with which to frame the rooms also had to be constructed.  It’s a job that typically takes time, but the re-usability and utility of Taylor Workshop’s personally developed wall system is invaluable.

This process severely reduces the waste involved in foam core prototyping, which is a concept the Workshop values highly.  The foam necessary for prototyping is often both expensive and commonly used with a notable amount of waste, so necessary steps are taken to reduce and recycle material.  The thoughtful method of wall usage employed vastly reduces prototyping cost, lengthens the life of the foam itself, and keeps a material particularly resistant to bio-degradation out of landfills.

All the rooms interior structures were designed and built by Workshop with a both meticulous and perfectionist level of quality that T-Works demands and IHG completely appreciates.  All in all, the build was completed with a few days to spare and garnered completely satisfactory reviews from IHG, who are not only highly impressed with the product they’ve received, but have already made plans for multiple future simulations with Taylor Workshop.



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