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Recently, Taylor Workshop was asked to build some customized meeting spaces for their restaurant client.  This series of six walls (plus four more off screen) are what TW came up with.  The first six hadn’t been standing for even a week before their usability was proven, and four more walls were requested for construction.

The walls have tons of detail worked into them.  They’re built so every square inch is usable space for ideation and showcasing concepts.  They are essentially dividing walls with plenty of whiteboard surface for writing/brainstorming.  The partition walls are built from custom-cut plywood framework with solid MDF backing for the whiteboard laminate to have a nice solid surface supporting it.  Cork was incorporated to give a place for pinning up drawings and the like.  They are shaped like capital “T’s,” so when they are sat next to one another and butted up to an existing wall they form a private space for employees to hold meetings.  The spaces are also modular so moving them around can create an entirely new venue.  The steel finishing on the sides gives a structural and industrial feel, but also accepts magnets if needed.

The partition walls have quickly become a staple of the restaurant client’s daily functions.  Taylor Workshop is very pleased with the opportunity to show off some high level craftsmanship and creativity.

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