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The Holiday Inn build has been completed and updated over the last few weeks.  Taylor Workshop was given a two-and-a-half week period to design and build pieces for the layout and ended up finishing early with the two layouts’ construction.

There is an interesting blend of both low and medium resolution items filling the rooms.  Taylor Workshop’s client had specific reasons for wanting to see certain items in a higher resolution in order to get a stronger feel for their presence and spatial relationships in the rooms.

Holiday Inn has already held meetings centered around the two layouts and that have produced some incredibly valuable feedback for the project.

Hotel owners and designers alike are truly enjoying their experiences:

“it’s incredible value to actually see and experience these spatial relationships…it helps us to decide what needs changing or what wasn’t quite what we thought it’d be”

Taylor Workshop’s relationship has also helped the fabricating company to present these experiences to clients in ways that are more comprehensible. Many companies are new to this type of simulating and aren’t always sure of how to take in this kind of experience.  Taylor Workshop has discovered that, for the sake of accurate feedback, it’s important to prime viewers in a way that they’ll be prepared for what they see and be able to give the kind of feedback that’s important.  For example, simply because the foam core used is white doesn’t mean the actual rooms will be totally white.  That said, in this build Taylor Workshop was obliged to build certain items out of different materials and paint them to a color that Holiday Inn actually wanted for their final product.  The sky is the limit with simulating, and finding the best way for it to suit the client is another beneficial way Taylor Workshop chooses to serve its clientele.

“It’s just so cool to see it in this form.  You can really start to visualize the potentials of the rooms”

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