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IHG recently asked Taylor Workshop to construct some layouts for Holiday Inn.  These layouts will be full scale 1:1 prototypes of a room design that could some day come to fruition.  At the IHG innovation center, the Staybridge Suites build has decidedly been left in place so more people can get a look at what’s to come.  The newly proposed Holiday Inn layouts are going to be set up right next to them.

These hotel rooms will be a little more sedate and slightly less experimental that what was proposed in the Staybridge prototypes, however these Holiday Inn rooms will have a more familiar feel for what the typical hotel goer is used to.

The build is honing in on around a week of work and the layouts are already nearing completion.  Much of the walls have been placed, however various pieces will need to be built in order to get them to the exact measurements required before total completion is reached.

The builds are coming along with no snags whatsoever.  It is expected to be completed by the end of the week and ahead of schedule.

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